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There are wines from some farms that you see on the shelf so often that you stop really seeing them. Groote Post Vineyards is one such brand for me. I have always enjoyed the Old Man’s Blend, both the white and the red, but after a while I stopped seeing it and would always end up reaching for other wines I came to enjoy. And then someone brought a bottle of the Groote Post 2019 Sauvignon Blanc with them to a braai and gosh, it went straight back on to my wine-buying list.


The Groote Post farm is steeped in history and so makes for such an interesting conversation while doing a wine tasting. If you’re lucky enough to get the ever-charming grandson of the current owner, Peter, you will enjoy a wine-tasting filled not only with interesting nuggets of information about the wine and the farm, but you will also find yourself in fits of laughter. The warmth and hospitality is felt so deeply at this farm.


Having known what the Sauvignon Blanc was all about, Terence and I decided to give the Groote Post Pinot Noir Rosé 2019 a try which has the most delicious rose water, cherry and raspberry flavours on the nose and palate. As Groote Post even puts it, “The stunning salmon pink colour invites you to just keep on pouring.” I do love a Rosé, but I am helluva picky when it comes to which ones I will drink. I think you will know by now that there is no way that I will ever put a sweet Rosé to my lips. But I am also not keen on one that has a heavy Pinot Noir vibe about it. I like the light and easy-drinking version, and this Groote Post Rosé is just that.


Then Peter suggested we try their Seasalter Sauvignon Blanc 2020, but I was all about the Rosé and didn’t pay too much attention to what he was offering. Then Seasalter hit my lips. Good grief, it was all kinds of delicious. And look, I often think that wine tastes much better at the wine farm than it does at home. I have made the mistake of ordering cases of a so-called delicious wine only to get home, crack open a bottle and realise that it actually tastes like ass. Well, not ass exactly, I wouldn’t know, but it tastes nothing like it did at the farm. Seasalter is not this! Both Terence and I bought bottles to take home and I can happily say it is as delicious at home. The problem is now that it is all I want to drink, and it is not entirely in my usual wine budget.

It was a lovely day out and one that you should consider if you are heading up the West Coast for the weekend. The wine is delicious and the staff a delight. Just be sure to have a designated driver with you. Like I had, in the form of Terence.  We left there with more wine than we could carry. And then you know it was good!


Groote Post Old Man’s Blend White: R84
Groote Post Old Man’s Blend Red: R89
Groote Post Sauvignon Blanc: R103
Groote Post Pinot Noir Rosé: R85

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